Mutation, chance, hybridity, and contamination

Cities and industrial farming make it seem like man is in perfect control. The reality of it is far more interesting. The soil may vary, the drainage may be imperfect, weeds and bugs wreak havoc; storms, droughts, animals and birds will interfere, all resulting in strangely beautiful images. The true uncontrollable forces of nature are mutation, chance, hybridity, contamination. This vital forces of the earth always burst through the human grid and in the long run will always overpower technology.

The land is in constant flux, but we have a hard time seeing it, as we are seldom in sync with the processes involved.  We do not take the trouble, we do not take the time.These images bring us in sync (the right speed, the right height, the right angle) and the eery beauty they reveal suggests humans, for all their cleverness, have but a faint idea what they are dealing with.

Text fragment courtesy: Almost Nature / Dirk van Weelden (2015)