These images show the earth

These images show the earth, the world we live and work in and what is happening to the land. How they do it is their unique power. From a satellite, or shot with a camera dangling under a kite at approximately 30 meters they give us a point of view in which we are liberated from the conventions the traditional concept of landscape forces upon us.

Landscape is a format, it is defined as a horizontal rectangle. In art and photography a landscape features a horizon, separating sky and earth. It suggests a point of view in which the human viewer/artist is at the center of all the lines that make up the perspective. When there are roads and villages in it, there even is a notion of time: how long it will take to travel from there to there.  Landscapes are often visual metaphors for a certain longing, mood or feeling, in a sense they tell a story of a human viewer looking for an affirmation or answer.

Text fragment courtesy: Almost Nature / Dirk van Weelden (2015)