Art Central Rotterdam Art Weekend XL March 17-18-19 2023
Baanhof  Baan 159 3011 CA Rotterdam

The central exhibition 'SUBJECT:TRANSITION' at Baanhof is curated by curator Anna Buyvid with artworks from all art spaces. The exhibition aims to reflect on transitions in the broadest sense of the word. "We are in a time strongly defined by the phenomenon of 'transitions': social, cultural, political, ecological. How do artists deal with these transition(s)? I want to create a space for a discussion in the context of the city of Rotterdam and its history and how this in turn relates to the future." Transition is a broad subject, allowing us to incorporate economic or institutional changes, political or social situations, and multiple individual contexts. The exhibition’s goal is to open space for a discussion in the context of the city of Rotterdam and its history, cultural and institutional space, and overall discussion on the subject of transition towards possibilities of the future. It contributes to a wide range of topics, crossing disciplinary borders between feminism, language, political and colonial history, aesthetics and spiritual practice, and inviting participating artists into cross-cultural dialogue and “thinking in transition.” How are artists coping with change and transition? What new signs can we find in their works after the pandemic and war period? The exhibition makes a statement of boundary crossing that takes transition not only as an object of inquiry but also as a method of philosophical practice itself.

Participating artists: Jennifer Tee, Giovanni Maisto Ferreira, Alli Coates & Signe Pierce, Nicola Unger, Kamagurka, Natalia Grezina, Petra Laaper, Domas van Wijk, Quinda Verheul, Isabelle Borges, Michiel van Bakel, Michelle Piergoelam, Veronica Babayan, Lise Sore, Laan Irodjojo, Charlie Koolhaas, Jeroen Koolhaas, Laurien Dumbar, Ben Schot, Gerco de Ruijter and Rob van der Hoeven.