Lesnini Field Report #4


It's been almost a year since my visit to Lesnini Field on March 14 2020. On invitation by Dutch artist Andre Dekker I was welcomed by California-based artist and writer Erik Bakke at the Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant in King City.
We drove to Lesnini Field where I was able to capture some 360 degree photo's with a 30 feet pole pushing it against the wind.

A selection of these photo's, an interview with Andre and directions by Erik are featered in Lesnini Field Report #4

About Lesnini Field

Lesnini Field is a secret garden on the banks of the Salinas River in Central California—it is 55 acres of wild land recovering from industrial farming in which one can roam freely through sand washes and bushes to discover tree plantings, burnt murals, false doors and a cabin for contemplation. The public has access to the garden by invitation.

Standing between the river and cultivated fields, the garden is part of a narrow band of overgrown banks and wildlife-filled habitat, surrounded by wineries and vegetable farms. It offers the visitor routes of observation into a 21st Century kaleidoscope of monoculture, water shortages, labor, and the contested land of the past and the future.