In the no man's land of Nicosia between the south and a part claimed by Turkey in the north there is an abandoned airport. Nicosia airport was closed in 1974 and has never been used since. The posters from 1974 hang in the departure hall while nature overgrows the runways.
This status quo continues to this day. You could argue that since 1974 everything in the air over Nicosia has passed by except the dust. The passenger plane, left as a fossil and connecting Cyprus to the outside world before 1974, has lost its relationship with the rest of the world.

In my new film project “no man's air” I will poetically let the plane play the connecting role again, by leafing back through the past and imagining a peaceful future.
The audiovisual research into the no man's air above shows the sky as a connection between north and south and as a mirror of time.

Made possible by CBK Rotterdam (Netherlands) Stichting Droom en Daad (Rotterdam) and Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture – Cultural Services.