One of these few instances when a square shape of a book can be accepted and even awarded. In Design as Art by Bruno Munari we read that 'the square is bound up with man and his works'. That concept is very clearly visible in every aspect of the Grid Corrections content and design.
Although not free of imperfections (obvious and sometimes unnecessary page numbering position, misaligned cut-outs) the work of Irma Boom introduces a design that holds de Ruijter's research in a fitting container. A few cut-out peak-windows certainly make the book more enjoyable and invite the reader to investigate the details of the imagery.
The pictures of the landscape grids on a square-on-square layout interact with each other in a dynamic way and one could even suppose that some of the design mistakes are almost an ode to imperfection, showing a process parallel to nature striking back on the human need for controlling the landscape through geometrifying it.

The Best Dutch Book Designs