From July 5 until August 1 2020
Opening om Sunday 5 July between 1300 and 1800
Mauritsweg 55 3012 JX Rotterdam, both rooms

What would art be without ambiguity and room for interpretation? Sowing doubts. Showing the world as it is not, but as it could be. Making people think and making them aware of their prejudices, that is what makes art exciting. Especially now.
‘Vase or Face’ brings together a number of works by artists, which are not straight forward or unambitious, but would like to highlight other sides of a story.

Participating artists: Norbert Bisky, Pieter Hugo, Pieter Kusters, Ben Merris, Marisa Rappard, Marie Reintjes, Gerco de Ruijter, Robin Speijer, Koen Taselaar and C. A. Wertheim